Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum

I know that photos are prohibited inside. Sometimes I wonder whether they mean just photos of the art, but I would actually be pleased to hear that the building is included, as it too is a masterpiece alongside the art. The Van Gogh Museum is one of my favorite buildings of all time. Though the … Continue reading

Amsterdam: Parkrand

I’m a huge fan of MVRDV (say that 10 times fast). I think they are very progressive in their thinking and their use in technology, but also seemingly very pragmatic (vs Gehry who is anti-pragmatic). Anyhoo… My favorite of the MVRDV building so far, my first impression was the sheer size of this apartment complex. … Continue reading

Amsterdam: Kraanspoor 12-58

Since I’ve started this review of Dutch architecture, I’ve generally noticed a pattern of reusing or building around existing architecture. I don’t believe its part of some eco trend, but rather the Dutch’s inherent cultural approach, perhaps of preservation. The link at Architectural Record (below) tells the story of the building (also check out the … Continue reading

Amsterdam: Kantoorgebouw

Driving around in February 2010, while on our day long marathon looking for temporary housing in Amsterdam for our upcoming move, I remember very distinctly a flash of green of a building. Not visible from Sarphatistraat itself, I wasn’t quite sure how to find it again until I received the book “Architectural Guide to the … Continue reading

Amsterdam: Wozoco (Oklahoma)

Another discovery while on a bike ride with Henning. MVRDV has an interesting style, as if their buildings were created as a collage. True to their Dutch background, this building has so many cantilevers, its almost a bit unnerving at times. Website: MVRDV project page Address: Ookmeerweg (@Reimerswaalstraat), Osdorp- Amsterdam