Amsterdam (Zuid): Random Views

Amsterdam certainly has its reputation. Drunk British youngsters pushing cars into canals, cafes galore and no doubt the infamous Red Light district. But for me, the wealth of this city lies out side of the center and Amsterdam Zuid is no exception. In this post, I capture some random views while on my way to Valley.

The white building with the circular windows- I mean, who does that? I had to zoom in quite a bit to get this photo so it wasn’t an easy “just add that to my walk”kind of thing, but next time I’ll sort it out.

Apartment complex with the colored balcony glass that gradients across the building. The Dutch are amazing graphic designers and the bold but calculated placement of color makes me imagine how graphic the elevation of this building must have been. Interesting little cantilevers everywhere on this building.

Lots of interesting lines in what could have been just basic, boring office buildings. What is worth emphasizing is that this part of town is the sum of its parts- I truly believe that by supporting creativity in the built physical world that it subconsciously affects the culture and for that I am grateful for that investment by and for humanity.