Amsterdam: Kraanspoor 12-58

Since I’ve started this review of Dutch architecture, I’ve generally noticed a pattern of reusing or building around existing architecture. I don’t believe its part of some eco trend, but rather the Dutch’s inherent cultural approach, perhaps of preservation.

The link at Architectural Record (below) tells the story of the building (also check out the slide show). I’m curious about the interior layout of the floors, especially give the narrow and long shape of the building. I love that they’ve decided to elevate the glass structure above original concrete structures- gives the impression that the glass structure is floating.

Located in the industrial north of Amsterdam, its an easy ferry ride from Amsterdam Centraal Station (NDSM ferry). If you go to check out the building, be sure to also stop by the Skate Park nearby- another great reuse of an existing space.

Website: Architectural Record’s write up of Kraanspoor

Address: Kraanspoor 12-58