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    I love to discover architecture, from big to small, where ever I am. Of all the spaces I have personally experienced, these are my favorites. When I started this blog, I lived in Amsterdam where I was really enjoying the Dutch’s wealth of built history, especially their love of cantilevers. Now I’m back in sunny California- searching for inspiration.

    Books I love:
    – The Boxman, by Kobo Abe
    – Steppenwolf, by Herman Hesse
    – The Tao of Physics, by Fritjof Capra

    A special thanks to Henning, whose photos are sometimes contributed here.

NYC: Random Views

There’s no doubt that I’m a planner, but I’ve learned that there’s nothing that brings real, true, honest to goodness delight like a good surprise. On our walks going between set destinations throughout the city, I couldn’t hold back by delight of how many cool and interesting buildings there were. I eventually had to create … Continue reading

NYC: Hudson Yards

From the New York Times building, we headed to find an entrance to the High Line but since my friend and I both hadn’t been to Hudson Yards, we decided to stop by along the way and see what all the hype was about. Honestly, any visit to a skyscraper focused city is a breath … Continue reading

NYC: New York Times

Where to start on this trip to New York City? Heading there at the last minute, I didn’t have much of a plan except what was left over from my last trip- that being the New York Times building. Its probably well known by now what a huge Renzo Piano fan I am so when … Continue reading

London: Sketch

There are so many great pictures of Sketch, as its a popular stop in London, I feel that this project is well documented and for good reason. If you didn’t know that the design of a bathroom could bring true delight, then this is the one for you. Having been to Sketch before (and its … Continue reading

London: Random Selection May 2019

Life is mostly unexpected, despite how much we believe we can control. I like to embrace this notion and be reminded of it when I’m traveling between destinations, only to find that perhaps it was everything along the way that really mattered. The pattern I’m seeing in these 3 random discoveries is that they are … Continue reading