Amsterdam: Parkrand

I’m a huge fan of MVRDV (say that 10 times fast). I think they are very progressive in their thinking and their use in technology, but also seemingly very pragmatic (vs Gehry who is anti-pragmatic). Anyhoo…

My favorite of the MVRDV building so far, my first impression was the sheer size of this apartment complex. Its huge. Not only that, but what I would give to live in one of the apartments in the cantilevered sections- bold, very bold.

A clever play on scale, the tree planters and outdoor hanging lamps give the building a toy like appearing, perhaps intending to take the edge off the frighteningly large open cutout sections of the building.

Some areas of Amsterdam are so new that all the buildings around are within an urban plan thereby carry a similar design aesthetic. This Parkrand building though stands alone in this neighborhood, making it more daunting and certainly fascinating.

Website: MIMOA’s write up

Address: Doctor H. Colijnstraat 260, Geuzenveld/Slotermeer (Amsterdam), The Netherlands