Amsterdam: Canal House (2)

Henning took me on a bike ride to show me this set of canal houses. I’ll find it on a map to provide the location. We thought that it is truly the Dutch dream to own a house on the canal with a terrace on the water. And these canal houses did exactly that. Website: … Continue reading

Amsterdam: Canal House 4

One of my favorite canal houses here in Amsterdam. A private residence that I would love to get a tour of! Website: N/A Address: on Omval (along the water), Amsterdam

Amsterdam: Openbare Bibliotheek

One of my favorite places in Amsterdam. I recommend taking the elevator to the top floor and then walking/ taking the escalator down. The cafe up there is great- food, juice, you name it. The roof deck outside gives a great view of the city. There are lots of hidden nooks on each floor- I … Continue reading