Amsterdam: Van Gogh (2022 revisted)

The museum added labeling to the wall for each of the levels- cluttering the space unnecessarily.

I love this building- a classic for a reason. One of my original posts from the start of this blog and a constant source of inspiration, I had to go back after being away from Amsterdam for 10 years.

This time felt different for many reasons- I didn’t get to sit on my favorite bench (far too many people actually needing a break); I had my kids with me (who knew that would transpire while I was away); they made changes to the exhibitions and layout (the new building is the entrance and they moved the paintings around- both of which I did not like); and lastly, they allowed photos (this was a huge win for me).

Admittedly not the best time- in the summer during peak weekend hours- this visit was stressful. To sum things up, I think they tried somehow make the experience more contemporary and possibly more accessible- but the changes took away from the art and the building in my mind.

Another theme I’m detecting on this marathon of posts is a love for not just the cantilever (note the platform on the stairways here) but also a central multi-story space, either in the form of atrium or courtyard. I love space– its study defines the context in which humans exist…I look forward to visiting this classic again in another 10 years.

Address: Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Website: AD Classics write up