Amsterdam: Openbare Bibliotheek (2022 revisited)

We’ll see if the British Library can compete but on this revisit to the OBA, not sure if any library in the world can complete with this one.

I was able to capture more photos this time I think knowing now in hindsight just how great this building is… and knowing that it would likely be some time again before I would return. When I left Amsterdam in 2012, I never thought it would take me 10 years to return.

As a first, I spent time hanging on in the children’s section in the lower level. I wish I had taken better photos of cylindrical book sections- some of them even with a reading section on the top.

Also a win this time around, was capturing the building from a distance and getting a head on view from the water. The whole block along this Oosterdokseiland is worth the walk but the library still stands out to me.

Another day, another building with a central atrium. There are work spaces a plenty here and I wish I would have spent more time doing something, anything in this building- soaking it in.

This library is yet another hidden secret of Amsterdam. When people ask me “why Amsterdam? isn’t it just a tourist trap?” – I think this city has done amazing job to support the people who live there.

This marks my 100th post. My first post was May 11, 2021- more than 10 years ago- and as it happens, it was about the OBA. It’s funny how things work out despite our efforts or not. Is it always just meant to be? Well, here’s to my 200th post! Onward.

Address: Oosterdokskade 143, 1011 DL Amsterdam, Netherlands

Website: Jo Coenen & Co Architekten (ArchDaily write up)