Chicago: Robie House

My favorite Wright building is still Falling Water, but the Robie House is far and beyond much more exemplary of Wright’s detail in glasswork and woodwork. The house’s exterior is well preserved, but I was disappointed to see the condition of the interior. But after learning, on the guided tour, about the rough history of … Continue reading

Chicago: Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park

Update Sept 2012: With some time to kill on my way to meet a friend, I decided to take advantage of the sunny day in Millenium Park. I am adamantly not a Gehry fan, but I cannot deny the allure of his work. Its still the lattice framework covering the outdoor pavilion space that catches … Continue reading

Chicago: AIofC The Modern Wing

Despite the fact that I love Renzo Piano, this is his first work I have ever experienced personally. There are some elements which I really enjoyed about The Modern Wing, but my biggest gripe with this space is that its not actually that great for viewing the art itself. Perhaps this is a result of … Continue reading