Paris: Institut du Monde Arabe

On the same visit in 1999 to Paris where I missed the interior of the Pompidou Centre due to renovations, I also missed the interior of the Institut du Monde Arabe. Having read about both in school, it was a disappointment to miss the experiences. However, unlike the Centre where I barely got access on … Continue reading

Paris: Centre Georges Pompidou

I do love a good view. Its hard to compare a better one than from the top of the George Pompidou Centre. Paris- over the course of my lifetime, it continues to surprise me despite my skepticism (though that is slowly waning into adoration). There’s a constant theme around Renzo Piano for me and much … Continue reading

London: Tate Modern

London is not a place I necessarily think to go and seek architecture. I recall it as mostly banking bohemouths and churches from previous visits. Then I found the Tate Modern…. I wanted to take my design team on a tour somewhere to help set the stage for the exercise that would create Haida, the … Continue reading