Amsterdam (Zuid): The George

My reaction: “What the….?!” As buildings go, this one really raised some eyebrows for me, in a good way. Approaching the building- it’s the pattern and choice of color that catches the eye… and then the texture achieved through the brick… and then the canal facing layout with the C curve facade.

I love the attention to detail on the bottom edge where most buildings just interface at a perpendicular angle, but these people decided to lift the brick facade off the ground really calling attention of the eye upwards. The staggering of the balconies also adds so much texture and dynamism to what seems just like a giant lego mass from the front.

I learned on the most recent trip on a great boat tour about the Dutch people’s history with brick (fire related) and while concrete has really taken over a ton of construction, I love the convergence of the past with the material and the present with very modern choice of color and pattern.

Many times the landscape of buildings is a secondary thought, but for The George some consideration was paid to a gated front garden area. I could see plenty of children roaming and resident parents chilling and chatting. The gate to the entrance is worth noting as its pretty rare to find in the Amsterdam area. More common in America where the culture is just that, more “gated”, the Dutch are very communal so it does present a sense of prestige or elitism with the gate that is unusual.

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