Amsterdam: STRAAT

STRAAT is phenomenal for many reasons: the art is stellar and celebrates very much a source of the best of its kind; its great for kids; and gives a great excuse for taking the ferry.

Taking the ferry is a must in Amsterdam- whether its taking it to NDSM area (where STRAAT is located) or just across the river from Centraal Station – its free and gives a view into why Amsterdam was founded (hint: its all about the water ways).

The space is enormous- providing ample room for the art pieces to breath and communicate their message and energy. There is such a diverse set of styles on display- though my favorites were still the classic graffiti (few and far between).

Certainly off the beaten track, STRAAT for me is a must see. Its one of those opportunities to see a side of Amsterdam that isn’t touristy- but someone you wouldn’t find any else in the world, making it a truly unique Dutch experience.

[SIDE NOTE] I’ve planned many itineraries for trips- some friends have suggested I get into the travel business and others have suggested I post the itineraries that I create- and in a rare instance- here’s what I would recommend for the northside of Amsterdam.

First, get bikes! Bring your bike and take the ferry to NDSM from Central and head to STRAAT. Ride your bike over to the Eye Film Museum and if you’ve managed to get a hold of someone at Hotel de Goudfazant to make a reso, head there for dinner. Ride back to the ferry and its a shorter ride back to Centraal. If you’ve got the energy, check out the view from the top of OBA – there’s a great cafe at the top, one of Amsterdam’s best hidden secrets.

Address: NDSM-Plein 1, 1033 WC Amsterdam, Netherlands

Website: STRAAT museum website