San Francisco: UCSF Mission Bay (Garage)

This parking garage is so freaking cool. It’s smashed right in the middle of all fairly recent construction of the UCSF Mission Bay campus, so perhaps doesn’t stand out on its own enough. There is so much detail in each section of the panels; the angle in which they are placed create different sections on … Continue reading

San Francisco: Uber Mission Bay Campus

I spoke recently of loving parking garages for their typically easy interior access. For some buildings, so much of the story is about the exterior of the building but in my mind, any great piece of architecture shows its true self on the interior. With these Uber buildings, there is more than meets the eye … Continue reading

San Francisco: Salesforce Transit Center

I didn’t know anything about this building until I was about to be driven under it (NOTE: “drive under it”) by a friend Christian who asked me what I thought. Ah, I remember, it was from an event? Anyhoo, it was at night and the facade was not my jam, immediately. This building has grown … Continue reading

San Francisco: 450 Warriors Way (Garage)

A find like 633 Folsom, where I was on the way somewhere else, is a delightful surprise! BAM! There’s a parking lot theme for sure considering my real purpose for being in the Mission Bay area was another parking lot that had caught my eye since it was constructed (UCSF Mission Bay Parking Lot). I … Continue reading

San Francisco: 633 Folsom

Well under construction, but not yet finished, was the compelling facades at 633 Folsom. I was on my way to Mission Bay and full stopped to take a look at this building. I even bothered to find parking, which I also did luck out on. The reflections on the scales themselves looks like ripples on … Continue reading