Paris: La Défense

La Défense. Hands down one of my favorite buildings of all times. I haven’t been inside or even returned to the site since my first and only visit in 1999. And I’ve been back to Paris many times since then. The beauty of this building ties into the context of the city of Paris, the … Continue reading

Paris: Institut du Monde Arabe

On the same visit in 1999 to Paris where I missed the interior of the Pompidou Centre due to renovations, I also missed the interior of the Institut du Monde Arabe. Having read about both in school, it was a disappointment to miss the experiences. However, unlike the Centre where I barely got access on … Continue reading

Paris: Centre Georges Pompidou

I do love a good view. Its hard to compare a better one than from the top of the George Pompidou Centre. Paris- over the course of my lifetime, it continues to surprise me despite my skepticism (though that is slowly waning into adoration). There’s a constant theme around Renzo Piano for me and much … Continue reading