Utrecht: Schröderhuis

After visiting this building (with patient, but also interested designer friends), all I could say with child like excitement was “AWESOME!”. I said that exactly like I said it after seeing the first Transformers movie. Considering that my friend, Katie, referred to the Schröderhuis as the “Transformer house”, my identical reaction seemed not terribly coincidental … Continue reading

Utrecht: Educatorium

I’ve been to a talk by Rem Koolhaus and like most successful, famous architects, he seemed a bit insane- but brilliant. On my wish list is to see the CCTV building in Beijing- if that’s not a testament to his genius, I don’t know what is. This Educatoriam building felt very similar to the McCormick … Continue reading

Amsterdam: Kraanspoor 12-58

Since I’ve started this review of Dutch architecture, I’ve generally noticed a pattern of reusing or building around existing architecture. I don’t believe its part of some eco trend, but rather the Dutch’s inherent cultural approach, perhaps of preservation. The link at Architectural Record (below) tells the story of the building (also check out the … Continue reading

Amsterdam: Kantoorgebouw

Driving around in February 2010, while on our day long marathon looking for temporary housing in Amsterdam for our upcoming move, I remember very distinctly a flash of green of a building. Not visible from Sarphatistraat itself, I wasn’t quite sure how to find it again until I received the book “Architectural Guide to the … Continue reading