Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia

Undoubtedly Gaudi’s most famous work- perpetually under construction. Even after my return to Barcelona more than 10 years late, the work is either being built or restored. The scale of this effort is breathtaking. The photo above and below only starts to capture the grandeur of the experience. I’m not sure why I decided to … Continue reading

Barcelona: La Pedrera

La Pedrera is my favorite of the Gaudi buildings we went to visit in Barcelona. The exterior is quite unassuming, especially when compared to his other works. There’s the fluidity in the facade, but none of the tile work that often accompanies his work. I don’t know if there’s access to any of the interior … Continue reading

Barcelona: Casa Batlló

Please note, deliciousness close by! Tapas 24… I’m almost sure that Casa Batlló was under renovation when we went to visit that summer. There are many pictures of the interior which I think we were not able to access somehow. Or maybe we were too poor to pay entry and decided to save our money. … Continue reading

Barcelona: Parc Güell

The water. This is what I remember from Parc Güell- the view of the Mediterranean. I thought to myself, how silly that we come to Barcelona and we don’t visit the beach? That being said, Barcelona is a wonderland filled with works by Gaudi- each one so amazing in their own right. I’ve been back … Continue reading