Paris: Groupe Le Monde

So fresh was this one- not even a basic building on the map or in satellite imagery yet. A million degrees that day- I still decided to make the walk to check it out and I could not be more grateful for the reprieve under the archway.

What I remembered from this part of town was actually Cité de la Mode et du Design which I had seen in pictures prior- its a bizarre building with what looks like a green growth on it- not one that I would consider visiting.

We lucked out on our private boat tour (via airbnb and totally worth it) because the lock at Bassin de l’Arsenal was too full so we got to travel bit further east on the Seine where I immediately spotted the Groupe le Monde behind Cité de la Mode et du Design.

The shadows from the shape of the building and the varied pattern of the windows caught my eye from afar. I appreciate that the pattern in the concrete arch mirrored the same approximate size as the windows.

The lengthy space under the archway is a unique way to create a communal outdoor area. A skateboarder’s dream (I saw a few of them in action here) and a decent spot for a chat over coffee or lunch.

Sweeping and dynamic- the shape of the building holds a sense of tension in it that is executed quite elegantly. I took a chance on this one, as we had very limited time in Paris- but it was well worth the it. If the weather had allowed, I would have enjoyed a walk through La Marais on the way back to Les Halles area where we were staying. Next time!

Address: 67-69 Av. Pierre Mendès-France, 75013 Paris, France

Website: ArchDaily write up