Paris: Institut du Monde Arabe


On the same visit in 1999 to Paris where I missed the interior of the Pompidou Centre due to renovations, I also missed the interior of the Institut du Monde Arabe. Having read about both in school, it was a disappointment to miss the experiences.

However, unlike the Centre where I barely got access on my next try in 2013, I did manage to actually visit the space of the Institut du Monde Arabe. I have a fascination with Islamic architecture and so to see the modern interpretation was really a delight.

I think the building captures the intensity of the language and the art of Islam- especially from the mosaic nature of the facade of the building. The history of the art is so ancient and yet the rendition of that into metal and modern materials creates a tension which, to me, is reflective of how a culture so old can adapt to a contemporary environment.

Website: L’institut du Monde Arabe website

Address: 1 Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard, 75005 Paris, France