Paris: Centre Georges Pompidou


I do love a good view. Its hard to compare a better one than from the top of the George Pompidou Centre. Paris- over the course of my lifetime, it continues to surprise me despite my skepticism (though that is slowly waning into adoration).

There’s a constant theme around Renzo Piano for me and much of it started in my first visit to Paris in 1999. On a trip with friends heading to Italy for a summer architecture course, we stopped in Paris to see some of the greatest hits. Unfortunately, the Centre was closed for renovation I believe.

After at least 3 more visits to Paris since then, I have still not managed to pass the lobby or the top floor of the Centre. It was really a surprise, and a delightful one at that, to be able to buy a ticket only to the top floor of the Centre. With my Aunt, I think we were both taken aback by what we viewed from the top.

As a concept the building is exceptional- as an experience of a visitor, its certainly unlike anything else. I believe this design was well ahead of its time and will remain exceptional for a long time to come. Maybe even one day, I’ll see the art work its means to display.

Website: Centre George Pompidou website

Address: 19 Rue Beaubourg, 75004 Paris, France