Manchester: Depot Mayfield (WHP)

NIKS playing in the Concourse. Amazingly, there’s a platform to the side and rear of the dj- free to anyone who wants to head up there.

Listen, okay. I thought Printworks was a big deal. As in, literally, a really big warehouse party. But Depot Mayfield- now that’s a one up.

It turns out that many of the places I visit are driven by my music hobby. I went to London in Sept 2022 for the Hospitality in the Woods Festival- something I had looked forward to since during COVID – I was finally going to make it. Filled to the brim- I was going to knock off many, so many, coveted DnB djs from my “must see list” that were my absolute favorites- and it was in my favorite city London. To raise it to epic levels, my best friend was going to be there for it all.

Well, nix that as a rail strike was set by Avanti West and because the county deemed it was not able to safely transport people in and out of the festival- they pulled the permit. Devastation. Then the Queen died and the rail strike was postponed. Fast thinking and a new plan was put in place- I’ve been dying to go to a WHP party for ages and so onto Manchester we go.

After a canceled festival, and a botched evening at XOYO, as we entered into the Depot- I felt such a rush of joy. The music bangin’, the energy high- I couldn’t believe I had finally made it. I knew I could find a real party somewhere in the country that does it best.

This particular party called “Return to the Depot” called all the shots- with what I can understand- opening every single possible space of the venue. I wish I had a photo of “Star & Garter” because we had a hell of a time finding it (wasn’t on the map). We got upstairs of what is this tiny pub on the depot site – to find a crammed dancefloor that can be described as nothing other than a full scene. We stayed for Ahadadream who cranked out UK Garage- redeeming the entire trip for me music wise… since where else can you really get Garage proper, except in the UK?

It’s a beautiful thing this WHP at the Depot Mayfield. I’ve now proclaimed to many that I’d like to live in Manchester for 3 months during the WHP season just so I can go every weekend. The logistics were nailed, the sound was incredible and the mood was all the right feels. Congrats, Manchester- you did yourself proud.

Address: 11 Baring St, Manchester M1 2PY, United Kingdom

Website: WHP ; Depot Mayfield