London: Walk from Westminster to St. Pancras

Back of building at Tenterden St and Dering St

The sky was brilliant on this visit to London. With so much amazing architecture, taking a walk was the only sensical thing to go. This particular (Walk 1) took me from Westminster, where I was staying at the Corinthia Hotel to Pancras, where I was having dinner at one of my favorite restaurants Coal Office in Coal Drop Yards.

With this set of posts (Walk 2 and 3 to follow), I’ll post the pictures in sequence rather than by theme. If I cared enough I would map them and even show a route- but I’m too lazy for that.

“the interlock” located at Riding House St and Wells St

Of note for myself, getting out of Whitehall in Westminster was quite an effort as the area had started to be barricaded in to prepare for the Queen’s procession. I’ll tell a story of Sergeant Eleanor who made my night later in the day…

Once I managed to escape the madness of ALL THE PEOPLE and found some peace and normalcy again, I made my way towards a first waypoint provided to me by my friend Nat. London is filled with brickwork, much like the east coast of the US but very unlike the west coast, so this building is of note for its contrast.

Church of the Christ the King Bloomsbury

More than anything on this walk, I was continuously grateful for the weather. A perfect sky- partly cloudy, the sun shining so bright providing light and shadow everywhere I looked. The Church of the Christ of King must be beautiful on the inside and with the Queen’s passing, stopping into a church probably wasn’t the worst idea- but I was really running short on time. (plus, it was really a photo to capture the sky, lets be honest).

British Library

Now seriously, like the Tate Britain (which I did manage, even if by brute force or will perhaps is better stated, to make it finally), the British Library is very high on my list to go inside. I had completely forgotten about it on this trip though and when I walked by and found the front gate open but entering the courtyard to find people streaming out of the Library- I realized it was just past 5pm, the closing time. If the courtyard was any indication- the Library itself will certainly be worth the visit.

The Standard

Having stayed in a Standard hotel for the first time in New York, this building is another on my “to do” list for next time around London. I wanted so much to get a drink here- but on my way out of Pancras, I was getting tired and opted to use my time to crank out another walk.

New Construction- Pancras

The last time I turned the corner around King’s Cross and Pancras toward Coal Drop Yards- there was literally nothing where this building was. Years later- construction continues and this behemoth is well under way.

View unto Pancras Square

After hauling it here and pretty much making it on time, I took a few minutes to wander into Pancras Square- lured perhaps by the smell of tech (note sarcasm), notably the Google office. I really liked the reflective paneling on the ceiling of this passageway… the capture of light here in so many different ways from the blueness of the sky, the long light down the passage then reflected onto the ceiling and back down again.

Coal Drop Yards

Resoundingly, one of my favorite spots in London still- the sky opened so wide on this day. London is a city with so many centuries of built history all smashed up one against the other- look up to the sky and see the rooftops tell its story.

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