London: Printworks

Okay- thanks to data connections, and the internet, we always had maps at the tip of our fingers. We never lost our way- except going to Printworks. Being an old printing factory and now a music venue, I did expect that it wouldn’t be the easiest to find. Ending up in a local bus terminal was pretty hilarious nonetheless.

Considering the size of the building, I also expected that we would approach it from some distance and be able to spot it while en route. I don’t know if it’s the direction we came from, but we found our way through A signs placed on the street. The place is totally incognito.


As we were were turned around by the carefully laid out fences for crowd control, the entrance presents a basic sign. That’s it.

I would love to get a tour of the building next time because I wonder if the machines are still in the building- I overheard that the press is still there. That being said, there’s no shortage of space for the some 5,000 expected people.

Room after room, multiple sets of stairs bridging between the sections, one bigger after the other- delighted and shocked me. I asked myself, “how much bigger can this get?” In passing, asking for directions from someone who was coming in the direction we were heading, that person said “It’ll change your life”. Finally reaching the main room… the place is massive- it mind blowing to see that many people all joined together in a united music experience. Inside.

The Greek Theatre in Berkeley is probably the only analogous space that outside. The acoustics were phenomenal.

For anyone who is an electronic music lover, this venue is a testament to the UK’s commitment to dance culture.

Special thanks to Shikhiu for sharing his pictures in these 2019 London posts.

Website: Printworks

Address: Surrey Quays Rd, Rotherhithe, London SE16 7PJ, UK