Seattle: Henry Art Gallery (Light Reign by James Turrell)

One of my favorite installation artists is James Turrell. His work captures a sense of space- quieting and enlightening. The first Turrell I went to was in San Francisco at the de Young Museum, and the second was in the Netherlands (Celestial Vault). I prefer his installations where he frames the sky to create focus. The Celestial Vault was definitely an experience, but it didn’t create a relationship with the sky in the ways his other 2 works did.

Interestingly, this work by Turrell is elevated… you can walk under it! From the few photos that I saw, I certainly didn’t know about this aspect of the work. The doors to the bridge are extremely heavy and pushing through a short bridge there’s definitely a moment of surprise.

The greatest testament to any spatial work, for me, is how long I would simply just stay… to think, to breathe, to observe. I’d love to reserve the space for a day… for myself…

I did enjoy the rest of the Henry Art Gallery as well. In some ways echoing the Turrell installation, there was other spaces where the ceiling was cut out in rather tight areas.

We hung out in the courtyard for a bit which seemed ripe for a cocktail party.

Having now looked at some photos online (which as a policy I don’t like to over research once I decide to visit)- I do wish I would have timed it for evening as it looks even more magical. I think it’s time for me to get back to the de Young closer to home and take another moment. It’s never a waste of time- time being the most valuable important thing to me right now.

Address: 15th Ave NE & University of Washington, NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98195

Website: Henry Art Gallery