Seattle: Random Views

Dusk. When the sun goes down and the lights turn on- that’s the magical moment when the fun gets started. My friends and I were strolling back from an amazing day festival, flying high from the joy brought through what can only be termed the rave, when we happened upon this newly built section of Seattle.

Even chairs were provided for us to take a moment of pause! It was the perfect spot to enjoy in our perfect weather a perfectly quiet scene around us. It felt like we were the only ones there- so much space just for ourselves.

What I appreciated the most about the buildings in this area was the variety of textures, whether applied to the ceiling of an overhang or the facade of a building. The textures then paired with some exceptional lighting design made for a transformation of the space. I often miss out on this “magic time” just due to circumstance of when I can make it to a location to take photos so I do love it when it happens totally unplanned. These are random views after all.

Each time I go to Seattle, I find more and more to appreciate- I hope to make it to Bloedel Reserve when I have more time upon another visit.

Address: Denny Triangle neighborhood, 7th & Blanchard

Website: features in the photos are the Seattle Spheres