NYC: Oculus

The main hall is just like the one in Lyon – and I loved it just as much. I don’t expect much diversity from the transit station work from Calatrava but I am still uplifted and impressed every time I go to see one. And this one in Lisbon too!

To go to WTC is still a deeply sad place to go. The energy is heavy and immense – the 2 pools there are an appropriate reflection of how it feels- endless darkness.

The juxtaposition of the Oculus next to the pools is like that moment in the movies, when the white dove flies by a massive carnage site. Even though its similar to the design in Lyon- I think there is some symbolism in the NYC version.

We took transit into and out of the Oculus and so I was able to experience circulating through the various spaces. When I compare it to a Grand Central Station or similar large transit transfer hallway- I think that Calatrava captured that essence creating a sense of familiarity.

I feel jealous of those in NYC who get to commute through a Calatrava every day!

Address: 3501 Civic Center, Peter Behr Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903

Website: 3501 Civic Center, Peter Behr Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903