NYC: Little Island

So many lovely notes on Little island. There’s a breeze! (The temperatures were 80s and humid – proper East Coast summer weather – for our day biking around the city.) It’s at an entry point to the High Line! Its free!

Imagine if there were one of these every few blocks long the water in New York, plus a cross town High Line network, ebikes rule and cars are fully non emission. New York would be transformed.

But for now, I insisted on dragging friend Brian and Leo to the Little Island. I had seen pictures but didn’t dig into it very much.

My main takeaways is that I wish it were larger. That being said, I thought it would be smaller than what it was- I guess I just want more of what I saw.

There are so many layers and elevations- I’m curious to see their drawings and how they were able to build it. The landscaping and plantings were phenomenal- this more than anything really was a breath of fresh air. Leo noted the material chosen for the sign posts – interesting texture to see age over time.

I definitely plan to visit again when it isn’t so squelching of a day to just sit and, well, hang out when its quiet- sunrise it is.

Address: Pier55 in Hudson River Park @ West 13th Street, New York NY 1001

Website: Little Island