Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona_La Sagrada Familia_5

Undoubtedly Gaudi’s most famous work- perpetually under construction. Even after my return to Barcelona more than 10 years late, the work is either being built or restored. The scale of this effort is breathtaking. The photo above and below only starts to capture the grandeur of the experience.

Barcelona_La Sagrada Familia_12

I’m not sure why I decided to take these photos in black and white. I do remember that I sent my photos off to the lab and got only some of my photos, but a bunch of photos from someone else (maybe their’s were in color?). It was uncanny to have multiple rolls being developed of photos of La Sagrada Familia so I think I incorporated a few of them in my scrapbook (and because they were good too).

The sheer amount of detail is mindblowing:

While the spires of the cathedral are the canonical imagery associated with the building, I think the entrance has a simplicity to it (similar to La Pedrera) that offers a contrast to the intensity of ornamentation around the rest of the building. But maybe this part wasn’t complete yet- this building has likely changed a lot since my visit in ’99.

I’m not sure how many other churches allow access like La Sagrada Familia up into the spires, but if the goal was to bring the human closer to god and deliver an experience of scale and immensity of creation in this work, then I have to say Gaudi delivered. Even though this wasn’t my favorite Gaudi, I can’t deny its ambition humbled me. When humans become extinct and what remains behind- there will be the greatness of buildings like this amongst the piles of waster and ruin.

Barcelona_La Sagrada Familia_2

Website: La Sagrada Familia website

Address:Carrer de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona, Spain