Barcelona: Casa Batlló


Please note, deliciousness close by! Tapas 24

I’m almost sure that Casa Batlló was under renovation when we went to visit that summer. There are many pictures of the interior which I think we were not able to access somehow. Or maybe we were too poor to pay entry and decided to save our money. Not sure.

On my return trip to Barcelona in 2014 where I learned about Tapas 24, Casa Batlló is very close by and is beautifully lit by night. Its worth it to go both day and night to see this piece of work. It has been wonderfully cared for.

One of my favorite pictures of our entire trip is below. There’s an essence of effortlessness captured in this photo- not all the parts of our trip were like this, but we did manage to find ourselves settling in to Europe at certain points.


Gaudi is literally the probably philosophically the opposite of Loos. While I still err on the side of Loos and Mies, I think what Gaudi achieved is an undeniable art.

Website: Casa Batlló website

Address:Passeig de Gràcia, 43, 08007 Barcelona, Spain