Barcelona: Parc Güell


The water. This is what I remember from Parc Güell- the view of the Mediterranean. I thought to myself, how silly that we come to Barcelona and we don’t visit the beach?

That being said, Barcelona is a wonderland filled with works by Gaudi- each one so amazing in their own right. I’ve been back to Barcelona just once since this visit in summer ’99 and while I did not get to revisit any Gaudi works, I did learn about and dine at Tapas 24 which still to this day is one of the best places I’ve eaten at my entire life.

I digress. Parc Güell. This region is brutally hot in the summer, so this structure creates a number of different hide out spots to cool down in.

As with all works of Gaudi, it is fantastical and animalistic- so many small details every place you turn. Some of it quite literal, but other details that are abstracted yet still beastial. Calatrava seems like a modern day, less ornamental version of Gaudi.

After looking at these photos again, the structure itself seems like a complete madhouse of tourists. But on approach and through the rest of the park, you’ll find locals using the park for all sorts of recreation… football of course! Go Barça!


Website: Park Güell website

Address:Carrer d’Olot, s/n, 08024 Barcelona, Spain