London: Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

The sun shone down from the sky above making stop along my walk to Coal Drop Yards an unforgettable one. I first noticed the translucency of the material as I was coming to the corner of the building.

My curiosity was further peaked looking up at that glorious sky and seeing the giant tower high above- which from that perspective looked part of the centre. I had to take a look at the map to better understand exactly what this building was only to be confused that the building I found of interest wasn’t the landmark with the tower. BT tower sits right next to the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, not part of it and no disrespect, but I think the latter has got the one up when it comes to great architecture.

I have no idea what the inside of this Centre is like- but you can’t deny its uniqueness. (just skimmed the write up and my intuition proves strikes again!)

Address: 25 Howland St, London W1T 4JG, United Kingdom

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