Los Angeles: VDL Research House II

“Creators of this place united by the idea that man’s survival depends on his design” ~ Neutra.

What a time to be alive as a designer during Neutra’s time. An entirely new aesthetic created by this generation. There is something much deeper about this style that I believe is what subconsciously continues to attract those that follow.

(I learned all of the below from the excellent tour that is provided with access to the house- please take it!). Nature. Privacy. Work live. Form follows function. No detail left unaccounted for.

For me, personally, it’s becoming evident to me that I love a good courtyard. In fact, I’m typing this from a hotel that we have returned to again and again- and the layout is built around a courtyard. Most outdoor spaces of a house struggle to be private- but Neutra being exceptionally private, a courtyard makes perfect sense. Courtyards allow for outdoor space- but private from neighbors. It’s a literal center space.

Having built many scale models before, I absolutely loved that they had multiple models on display- not just the House II currently standing, but also the House I. Will AR/ MR/ VR eventually make these types of models extinct?

The connection between indoor and outdoor spaces is a major focus of this work. The floor to ceiling windows allowing for vistas and views.

One last note on this house is that the house was built for the physical size of the Neutras- who were on the smaller size of statures. From the kitchen, to the stairways- it all feels very tight and narrow which is hard to portray through the photos themselves.

I would absolutely love to go back to the house. The levers don’t work and require donations to fix- I’d love to contribute back to this house so that unlike other houses in LA from this era, like the the Schindler House, that we can save these marvels for future designers.

p.s. in the google address link there’s photos of water- but they had to drain these… another wear and tear aspect of time.

Address: 2300 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Website: Neutra VDL Studio & Residences