PDX: Slate (CENTRL Eastside Office)

I’ve made several trips to Portland recently- predictably to see someone play at 45East. I stay in this “Burnside Bridgehead” area- learned something new today- initially, because of its proximity to 45 East (the Kex Hotel is conveniently across the street), but then once I arrived in the area it was less about location and more about being surrounded by some astounding urban development investment into architecture.

On my nth next visit, can’t keep track, this time to see Dimension play (because previously it was to see Delta Heavy)- I decided to build in a work day and try out CENTRAL, if only to get access to the building.

After some digging, I was able to find out the building was called Slate- but honestly not much more than that until I found the W.PA write up.

The lobby makes a stunning first impression and one can imagine working quietly from here or on the other end hosting an event here. The upstairs actual work spaces are nothing to write home about and in fact are a bit dingy- not sure I would choose to work from here rather than a well appointed hotel room. If I was doing independent work, rather than being in meetings- I would love to just steal a seat here in the lobby and enjoy the view while typing away on my computer or drawing up some notes.

In the end, I love the exterior of this building and they do bring some of those elements into the lobby. I’d be curious to see the other spaces in the building- since its mixed use, before I judge too harshly too much further.

Address: 329 NE Couch St, Portland, OR 97232

Website: W.PA write up