Los Angeles: Walt Disney Concert Hall

Argh- the love / hate relationship I have with this place. I’m even eye rolling right now at myself as I write this. Gehry created something really magical here (pun intended) and I hate to love it.

I was swept off my feet probably 18 years ago when I was someone’s guest attending a performance at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Being so renown at the time, I was the typical skeptical that this place was completely overblown.

Forget all the blinding metal paneling and bizarre sculptural shapes on the outside, the inside and the gardens are what really count here. I love love love the stadium style seating on the inside- that is real innovation, real change for the better. It makes you feel together. I would love to sit in this space or walk around it just empty, exploring every nook and cranny- every point of view.

The gardens were a first for me this time and after the very intense first half of the performance, the elevated garden was truly a breath of fresh air. I wandered around, enjoying the warmth but only thanks to the salvation from the shade of the trees, thinking… this place, I hate to love it but I do.

For any lover of classical music, which seems to be mostly what is performed here, I would say its a must go when in LA- you will never experience anything like it.

Address: 111 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Website: ARCHITECT magazine write up