Los Angeles: Hollyhock House (Part 1)

I insisted on the driver dropping me off close to, but not at the Hollyhock House. Now I know that its a the top of a hill- boy, what a view and even better yet- that sunset. The lighting is beyond compare – no doubt Frank Lloyd Wright knew this for himself.

The Barnsdall Art Park, where Hollyhock house is located, is officially one of my favorite spots in LA now (I think the Stahl House still holds spot #1). Next time I would be a local and first of all, drive to the top of the hill, and second, bring a blanket and picnic of sorts. You can see it all from this park- the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory and most important a clear sight of view over the hills directly to the west.

I managed a visit because I accidentally realized it was very close to a restaurant (Kismet) that I wanted to eat at in Los Feliz. The Hollyhock House is so breakthtaking. Certainly the 70s Los Angeles architecture theme of courtyards continues- with the outdoor living spaces being just as prominent as the indoor.

This post is titled appropriately as “Part 1” because the house was closed (COVID), but I would 1000% go back to get access to the interior. It will feel small at moments for sure, having visited his other homes in PA and IL, but the principle of the layout will be fascinating to navigation through.

Address: 4800 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Website: Hollyhock House website