Denver: The Westin Denver International Airport

What a vibe. Love a city that reveres its drum n bass. Flew out to Denver to catch a surprise opening by Delta Heavy for the closing tour of Noisia. I didn’t have much time to hit all the marks there, but fortunately the airport hotel was one of them so I quite lucked out.

I tend not to like buildings that are sculptural, I’ll certainly cite the Disney Concert Hall as an example of this (which I will be posting about soon- the inside is just too good to pass up even though I have many qualms with the exterior). There is an interesting attempt to bring between the airport and the hotel- the pictures actually don’t do it justice- the experience itself is much better in person.

That being said, I ventured into the lobby of the hotel and was not impressed. For an exterior that communicated such a sweeping emotion, the lobby felt small and a bit claustrophobic. I liked the cantilevered lobby when you see it from the outside, but that magic is lost looking inside out.

For me, the outside spaces in between were the moments I’ll carry away with me on this one. If just passing by, its certainly a most interesting welcome to Denver- a city I will definitely be interested to explore more of.

Address: 8300 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249

Website: Gensler write up