San Francisco: Salesforce Transit Center

I didn’t know anything about this building until I was about to be driven under it (NOTE: “drive under it”) by a friend Christian who asked me what I thought. Ah, I remember, it was from an event? Anyhoo, it was at night and the facade was not my jam, immediately. This building has grown on me alot and while I think the texture overlay could have gone a different direction, I really love this place.

Once familiar, not just with the structure but also the purpose of it, I was keen to see it open. An AC Transit user myself I wouldn’t wait to see how buses would flow in and out. I watched almost every day as the bridge from the bridge (Bay Bridge) was constructed- heading to the temporary TransBay terminal.

So it opened! And it was breathtaking. I couldn’t wait to see the park on the rooftop. Henning has a view from his office. The story was so strong with the green roof. Then, the damn thing broke. tldr: the structure couldn’t support itself (great history write up here:

I haven’t memorized the dates, but it was a freaking long time before they could reopen it. I pretty much gave up. I eventually switched over to BART and switched jobs before I could do the bus routine again in any real earnest. Once we are free of COVID, I’ll take the express bus again, just for the tiny bridge.

COVID for all its curses, has made visiting normally packed places quite quiet and empty. Sad, but a little serene- waiting. When I went to take these photos, there was almost no one. Had the whole place to myself. I blasted some music in my headphones and drank it in.

There is a lot to say, but for now I’ll post sections of photos.

Address: 4425 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105

Website: ArchDaily write up

Exterior and facade:


Rooftop and park:

The bridge (my favorite part):