San Francisco: UCSF Mission Bay (Garage)

This parking garage is so freaking cool. It’s smashed right in the middle of all fairly recent construction of the UCSF Mission Bay campus, so perhaps doesn’t stand out on its own enough. There is so much detail in each section of the panels; the angle in which they are placed create different sections on the exterior but also provide beautiful series of shadows on the interior as well.

This was one really on my hit list for many years- the first time I drove by it, it caught my eye and my intuition immediately peaked interest. This series of blog posts (photos are from Dec 2020, though posted April 2021) are a pretty significant marker for me. When COVID hit, I had posted in April 2020 the last of my series from my east coast trip in Dec 2019 not knowing what the future would hold.

Exactly a year later, in almost the same pattern of photos to posts, there’s hope. People are getting vaccinated at an increasing pace, I’m heading out to hear music outside – still a long road to visiting anything internationally, so looking for inspiration closer to home. The Salk Institute is top of the list when they reopen for tours. And even closer, same goes for the Cathedral of Christ the Light.

Address: 1835 Owens St, San Francisco, CA 94158

Website: Zahner project page, in conjuction with WRNS Studio