San Francisco: 450 Warriors Way (Garage)

A find like 633 Folsom, where I was on the way somewhere else, is a delightful surprise! BAM! There’s a parking lot theme for sure considering my real purpose for being in the Mission Bay area was another parking lot that had caught my eye since it was constructed (UCSF Mission Bay Parking Lot).

I love parking lots for many reasons. I can easily get inside. So many great buildings have restricted access due to use so parking lots are a win in that regard. I also love that someone spent money on a parking lot, see exasperation here. Stairways- unlike in many buildings where stairways are not glorious through spaces, stairways in parking garages are where the fun is to be had. Lastly, the roofs are almost always open air- sometimes you can get high up with a view and have an almost uninterrupted panoramic view, whatever the view may be.

450 Warriors Way ticked all the boxes. It was almost completely empty, making it even more vast and cavernous. It allowed for me to get a photo, seeing end to end with just the concrete forms in focus. Certain sections of this building must be quite beautiful.

From the inside, the windows on the formed concrete side make for excellent framing, including of the Uber and Chase Center buildings next door.

I don’t actually think I went all the way to the roof on this garage- at this point on my journey, it was just the start and I had been way laid this second time already. Wish this garage was taller as it would be a great place to see the Chase Center from top down.

Address: 450 Warriors Way, San Francisco CA 94158

Website: WRNS Studio project page