Venice: Fondazione Querini Stampali

Venice_Querini Stampali_11

I’ve already written about my love for Carlo Scarpa in my previous post on Museo Castelvecchio. While a smaller space and only partially designed by Scarpa, Fondazione Querini Stampali is another great example of the details and textures created by the architect.

After living in another canal city (well, country really), Venice is still extraordinary in many ways. While the Dutch were quite wealthy, their Calvinist religion kept them from putting this on display. The Italians on the other hand, really didn’t hold back.

The scale of Venice is also quite a bit more intimate, with small winding pathways here and there- never sure what’s around the corner. I’m reminded of the book by Italo Calvino “Invisible Cities” which really captures the magic.

From the bridge to the fountain to the door hinges, there seems to be nothing that hasn’t been carefully considered with some story of its own to tell. I have yet to find an experience like Scarpa’s.

I feel that Scarpa embodies this intimacy in his work- the courtyard from one direction…

Venice_Querini Stampali_7

… is distinct coming from the other direction. Its very multi-dimensional.

Venice_Querini Stampali_6

There’s so much to see and do in Venice. Like Verona, I don’t know if I’ll have the chance to revisit Venice. But be assured that whoever is with me, will be dragged back here!

Website: Photos of the Carlo Scarpa area on Fondazione Querini Stampali website

Address:Santa Maria Formosa, 5252, 30122 VE, Italy