Verona: Museo Castelvecchio


Carlo Scarpa is my favorite architect of all time. There’s a beauty in his craft and attention to detail. An elegance in an art that transitioned a period moving heavily towards industrialization- steel and modern day technologies.

While traveling in Italy, we visited many cities- Rome, Florence, Venice, towns which compose Cinque Terre- but none of them as beautiful in my memory as Verona. Its roaring river through the city and the lack of urbanity has a strong imprint for me.

Museo Castelvecchio is a deeply layered, highly textured and rich work of architecture. Scarpa’s attention to detail is not lacking here. Each of the spaces, whether internal or external, has a sensation about it that is very tactile and real. Some examples:

While famous for being the scene of Romeo and Juliet (of which I do believe we visited the “famous” balcony”, Verona felt like a bit off the beaten path of typical tourist stops in Italy. I’m grateful to my friends for indulging my obsession with Scarpa. I love these pictures of my friends who traveled with me, Su-ling and Jamie:


I doubt I will ever have the chance to visit Verona or this building again in my lifetime. I would be lucky to do so. There are moments in life which define us. Being introduced to the work of Carlo Scarpa (by my profession Marion Weiss) is certainly one of them.

Website: Museo Castelvecchio

Address:Corso Castelvecchio, 2, 37121 Verona VR, Italy