Taipei: Fine Arts Museum


A blistering hot August day in Taipei- we took the MRT to visit the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. To my dismay, the entire museum was closed except for a small section in the basement.

There’s only one other building (at least from the exterior that I really love) in Taipei- its the Bank of China Taipei office near Taipei 101. On a tangent- one of my other favorites is another Bank of China building in Hong Kong.

To start- the walk from the MRT to the museum, was a surprise unto itself. We walked by a local food movement market of sorts called MajiMaji Square. We went to a little bagel shop with great local bottled organic juices.

From there, we passed by an Expo with an exterior made from specially shaped bottles from recycled materials. See the post on the EcoArk.

Now to the Fine Arts Museum. What I appreciated from our brief view of the interior was the attention to details. The courtyards in particular were well address. I thought they were designed to be enjoyed as a view unto itself- as well as a space for use. I like the idea that each courtyard we saw was different lending itself to different types of interactions.

I’ll need to write a second post for when I’m able to return and see the rest of the building- but I’m definitely intrigued to see more.

Website: Taipei Museum of Fine Arts

Address: 10461, Taiwan, 台北市中山區, 中山北路三段181號