Amsterdam: Kantoorgebouw

Driving around in February 2010, while on our day long marathon looking for temporary housing in Amsterdam for our upcoming move, I remember very distinctly a flash of green of a building. Not visible from Sarphatistraat itself, I wasn’t quite sure how to find it again until I received the book “Architectural Guide to the Netherlands (1900-2000) as a Christmas gift.

After riding around the block, I discovered that the building is best viewed from across the canal on the back side (on the street Mauritskade). But off of Sarphatistraat, sometimes a gate is open so that you can get a closer look at the building.

I did stop by the original building (of which this addition is attached to in the back) to get a look at how the addition was transitioned, and also how it looked from the interior. The reflection of the water from the canal, which is them filtered through the punched out exterior creates a unique setting on the inside of the addition. No pictures however.

Though I had no luck exploring the interior (but interior photos here), I did by chance happen to see how the car park is accessed from the courtyard.

A great little piece of architecture- interesting materials, all layered over one another. I left thinking that all great architecture should be of the public domain. Its truly a shame to restrict access.

Website: N/A

Address: Sarphatistraat 410, Amsterdam