Miami: Brickell City Centre

Brickell- heard of it, wanted to go- never really had a strong reason except maybe a good restaurant, good hotel? Not much of this day had a plan- in Miami for MMW, already 6 days into raving strong – and many surprises abounded. I returned back to my bench at PAMM and was astounded by this Erlich exhibit , then unexpectedly walked past ULTRA where I considered buying tickets to go for the hell of it (regret not going for it, even if it was just to stroll around) and then was guided by my friend (who seems more like a kindred spirit) down for a walk into Brickell.

Walking into the sun, there’s nothing like the start of a sunset in Miami. I love the layers of walkways that create new spaces in those that are unused… like a true march towards the future.

If I lived in Miami I would hope that I could find just the right spot in this outdoor shopping centre- grab a coffee and a book and know that beyond this capitalism, art wins the day. I asked my friend why he brought me here, was it on purpose? And indeed, he said he thought I would like it. Gifts like this are the moments in life that really matter- when someone knows you and thinks of you. I express great gratitude for this trip to Miami, and the series of trips returning to a city that on first visit years ago created such a surge of deeply meaningful relationships. I am forever connected and indebted to this city.

Address: 701 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33131

Website: Arquitectonica write up