Los Angeles: Huntington Library Part 1

Kew Gardens and the “Anglo-Chinese” landscape design style – this is what my mind recalled when preparing for this write up on Huntington Library. I did not realize the scale of the property, nor did I realize the craftsmanship that would be on display from a landscaping perspective. I love books and I love libraries, so that was the draw (https://huntington.org/exhibition/remarkable-works-remarkable-times)

The grounds are extensive but they provide plenty of benches to rest and enjoy the scenery. I rather enjoyed myself watching the ebb and flow of people going through this passage- some reprieve from the sun for sure. To Sir William Temple’s assessment, a perfect example of the symmetrical nature of western designs at this time.

Looking east, plenty of asymmetry abounds. This Chinese Garden is truly phenomenal- like a movie set. I didn’t have enough time to make it the Japanese Garden but I can just imagine the level of exceptionalism in its execution.

I would say maybe I managed to cover 1/4 of this entire property- there’s so much detail to attention that its really worth slowing down and enjoying it. I look forward to going back and perhaps spending a whole day there, rather than just a couple hours as a side stop.

Address: 1151 Oxford Rd, San Marino, CA 91108

Website: Annum write up