London: Tate Britain

A rotunda. This one in particular. Its been on my list on trips to London for the last couple of them- like the British Library. Just a pass by on the latter, but this time I needed to get to the Tate Britain. I was determined.

It didn’t disappoint. The entry facing the Millbank is very traditional, but like the Van Gogh museum latest changes, they encourage entrance from a modern addition of sorts off of the classical entryway (which I found out after).

Similar to the Barbican Centre, the Tate Britain is also free to enter, albeit with more limited hours. This is the Millbank entrance, which I took- and the rotunda on entry is breath taking. I particularly enjoyed taking the stairs from the basement level to rise into the space.

A trip filled with so many delights, I encountered yet another set at the Tate Britain. So many modern architectural touches- from the painting of the walls in a stairway to lighting fixtures and archways. These details sometimes felt odd to me- the outside and the inside clearly at contrast, not in family. I even went outside to see if there was any indication of these modern aspects- but I found nothing.

One of my new all time favorite galleries is the one below.

These sculptural pieces of artwork (maybe by Henry Moore who I learned about and really enjoyed the work of) are given the space to exist and be reflected on. I loved being the only one in the room to take it all in.

I love graphic design in posters and had to snapshot this wall of them!

This is my last post for a while. Its been a marathon of catch up- from LA to Portland to London- all the way back to April of 2022. I’ve marked my 100th post along the way. I’m off to focus on a new role and excited for the new adventure ahead.

Address: Millbank, London SW1P 4RG, United Kingdom

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