London: Battersea Power Station (Part 1)

I overheard that London has spent an incredible amount of money on this area in particular- it certainly shows. I wanted to visit because of the power station itself but quickly understood why so much money has been spent- its an enormous effort, plain and simple.

It’s honestly hard to describe how huge the power station itself is. Not finished yet- though a couple of the buildings surrounding are occupied- much of the urban planning is in place. I could close my eyes and be transported to the 20th century – coming up on almost 100 years ago- the extent of the power this place created to support a city about to be thrown into depths of the World Wars.

Europe does so much of a better job to create neighborhoods- where in each one you can really get everything of what you need without having to drive very far. This Battersea Power Station is no exception to that. I would definitely consider living here- you know, never mind that Apple is opening offices here also…

While the ground level was well traveled, there was no one in this lower basement outdoor space so I casually just walked over there knowing the security guard was keeping an eye on me. So much opportunity for scootering a skateboarding- though I hardly think they would allow for it.

I’ve just missed the grand opening and I can’t wait to return to get inside to see how they’ve taken advantage of the what must be cavernous spaces inside. From Printworks, to Depot Mayfield, to Battersea Power Station- the UK’s cities have done a great job repurposing these kinds of spaces. It’s a feat of humanity that we can imagine and then manifest these long standing testaments to our need for purpose in the built world.

Address: Circus Rd W, Nine Elms, London SW8 5BN, United Kingdom

Website: Foster + Partners write up ; Collaboration between Gehry and Foster + Partners ; Dezeen write up of Gehry housing project