San Francisco: SF Police Dept HQ

This building was another find “on the way” after I had managed to secure parking in this nearly-impossible-to-find parking neighborhood. I approached it from the back and immediately like the screen facade cleanly wrapping around the core of the building.

The front of the building tells a whole different story, where the original brick building is still preserved. In the Silicon Valley it’s all about the present moment, if not the future, so it’s nice to see a bit of history, whatever lessons we can learn from it.

The interior of the police section of the building seems fairly even level office space, but continuing to walk around the building, the fire station actually looks the interesting part with the full glass arcade a couple levels above the street.

In both cases I wonder what kind of common spaces they would have- shared within the building across the functions or separate. How can architecture change the way we think and work and interact? How can architecture trigger the brain in ways to better support our mental health? Design has such a huge part to play in this story.

Address: 1251 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94158

Website: Mark Cavagnero Associates Architects project page