NYC: Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Big fan of Weiss Manfredi. Perhaps I’m partial due to my relentless admiration and gratitude for having had Weiss as an influence in my life. I can point to her as someone I never thought I would know but would not be who I am today without.

It was bitter cold, but boy was the sun shining in that classic beautiful East Coast winter day style. I’m not sure how I found out about their work for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but it was a no brainer on my list since it also wasn’t too far from where I was staying.

I felt my time was a bit short here in terms of wandering the gardens- sitting in quiet moments of retrospection and basking in the sun. The small built space was quiet but sweeping in its view. After also having visited their Seattle sculptural garden, I always feel that they are bringing a perspective to the world around- an opening.

I could imagine hordes of children running through on a beautiful spring day- packed lunches and loud voices- all unknowing in the subtlety of space yet somehow feeling like something is worth noting.

Website: Brooklyn Botanic Garden: History

Address: 990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225