PDX: New Build 2021

Who knew we would be out and about again? Not that COVID is resolved or will ever be resolved, but things are good enough to give us humans reprieve. My first trip on a plane was a last minute decision. A huge dnb fan one of the first must sees when things seemed relatively safe to travel was Delta Heavy. I use the past tense because I was actually able to make this happen. Booked my flight to Portland- I was going for it. I can still close my eyes and remember the inexplicable joy.

But back to the built world, I have visited and even lived in Portland. I don’t think of Portland architecture much- there was never really a favorite building or space that I had. Nature is king in Portland. But whoa- I stayed at the HEX hotel on recommendation from a local friend and wow, my eyes were opened. This neighborhood felt to me, a previous local, like something out of a movie- the urban planning especially had a whole new take on flow of traffic.

I was impressed by Portland’s mural game.

I walked and biked Portland, trying to stay out of cars unless absolutely necessary. I covered a lot of ground and didn’t document my route (e-bike in Portland is key) – I love being surprised by a good find.

Address: Starting point was KEX Portland

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