Washington, D.C.: Union Station


This will likely be my last post for a while. Wrapping up my trip in the autumn of 2019 was a stop in Washington D.C. So much about this trip was being surprised- and having the space to be just that.

Looking at the Grand Central Terminal on the same trip, I was amazed at well the buildings were preserved. Though retrofitted for contemporary commercial, I could see the building still surviving into the furniture- repurposed for whatever hard to imagine reason.

Anytime anyone spends the time (and money) to build an interesting floor plan, I have to give them the credit. The retrofit felt very successful to me because they maximized use of the space, which otherwise would have been a 3 story hall. In addition, they were able to create throughways between the floors by carving out beautiful curves, complementing the building.


Union Square in Washington D.C. is a beast from the outside. It looks like something that would survive a bombing. I would have loved the time to approach the building from the front – how impressive.

I am long overdue for another trip to Washington D.C. One of the first pieces of modern architecture I ever experienced was I.M. Pei’s National Gallery of Art. Even before I studied architecture, I never found the internal gallery spaces very inspiring, but structurally an incredible statement. When and if we survive COVID-19…

Website: Union Station Restoration article

Address: 50 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002